Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Welcome to the Virtual Console Database!

- What is the Virtual Console Database?
The Virtual Console Database is a blog setup to detail the releases of games on Nintendo's Virtual Console.

- Why make a database about downloadable games?
Well, it seems to be an it-thing right now. Plus, some games people don't want, they don't want to spend a particular amount of points on, or want to see if they can get it someplace else.

- What is detailed about each game?
I am putting the following for each game that comes out on the Virtual Console:

Game Title
Original System(s) the game was released on
Number of Players
Wii Points Cost
Blocks of Memory (Save Blocks and Needed to Download)
Re-Releases (If Any)

- Why is there no data for some titles?
Some games I haven't downloaded. Therefore I need the help of the gaming community to update this data as quickly as possible to inform everyone.

- Why?
Some people want to know specific things that aren't mentioned out in the open. This is of course why I am open to adding new things to the database. Some people also have a specific amount of blocks/channels left on their console, and may not want to delete channels in order to get new games. What this site is intended to do is to help out those in search of questions about specific titles. This will also help out those new to the virtual console and hopefully help them make correct decisions about possible purchases.

- How will you update?
Each date a new virtual console title has been released, I have setup a new entry into the blog. This is where I detail everything mentioned above. For early games, I will go back and add information later. For new entries I will scower various news boards to get this information and post it here as quickly as possible. This way the site can be an epicenter of all things virtual console.

Types of posts
- Release posts
Here is where specific game information will go

- Monthly breakdowns
Here is where releases over the past month are summarized

- Quarter breakdowns
Here is where system breakdowns for each 3 month period will. Information includes:

Releases for each system
Titles released at specific prices
Highest Memory block count game*
* - These will only be posted once all information about all games released in a quarter are gathered

Quarter breakdowns will be posted after December, March, June and September

I hope you enjoy the site, will contribute, and I hope this site will help you and everyone else be more informed about the Virtual Console.

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