Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monthly DB: Halloween

October was a pretty spooky month, and not in a good way either. The confusing, mystifying, and confusing way. It started off with imports, and we later got a new console, and then finishing off with some theme based titles. Needless to say, it was a spooky month.

Number of games released in October: 14
Number of games released on the Virtual Console so far: 163

NES games
Number of titles: 5
500 point titles: 4
600 point title: Super Mario Bros. the Lost Levels
Most blocks: Castlevania II: Simons' Quest (28 blocks, 1 save block)

TG16/CD games
Number of titles: 2
600 point title: Samurai-Ghost
800 point title: Gate of Thunder
Most blocks: Gate of Thunder (219 blocks, 5 save blocks)

Genesis games
Number of titles: 1
800 point title: Golden Axe III
Most blocks: Golden Axe III (29 blocks, 2 save blocks)

SNES games
Number of titles: 1
800 point title: Metal Marines
Most blocks: Metal Marines (41 blocks, 4 save blocks)

Neo-Geo games
Number of titles: 4
900 point titles: 4
Most blocks: World Heroes (111 blocks)

N64 game
Number of titles: 1
1200 point title: Sin & Punishment
Most blocks: Sin & Punishment (287 blocks, 1 save block)

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