Saturday, December 1, 2007

Monthly DB: Month of Turkeys

November gave us some rather meager portions of nostalgic goodness. Celebrating the Wii's 1 year anniversary wasn't very plentiful to say the least. Here is what the Month of Turkeys brought us:

Number of games released in November: 12
Number of games released on the Virtual Console so far: 175

Number of Wii Channels released in November: 1
Number of Wii Channels released through Wii Ware so far: 4

NES games
Number of titles: 4
500 point games: 4
Most blocks: Super Mario Bros. 3 (27 blocks, 1 save block)

TG16 games
Number of titles: 1
600 point game: Power Golf
Most blocks: Power Golf (25 blocks, 4 save blocks)

TCD games
Number of titles: 1
800 point game: Super Air Zonk
Most blocks: Super Air Zonk (175 blocks, 5 save blocks)

Genesis games
Number of titles: 3
800 point games: 2
900 point game: Alien Soldier
Most blocks: Sonic 3d Blast (45 blocks, 2 save blocks)

SNES games
Number of titles: 2
800 point games: 2
Most blocks: Axelay (34 blocks, 4 save blocks)

Neo Geo games
Number of titles: 1
900 point game: Blue's Journey
Most blocks: Blue's Journey (79 blocks)

Wii Channels
Number of titles: 1
0 point title: Check Mii Out Channel
Most blocks: Check Mii Out Channel (90 blocks, 2 save blocks)

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