Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monthly DB: Where's the Love?

February continued January's trend of shortcomings. Not much appeared on the Virtual Console, and reports ran wild about what could come. But in the end, we got a lot of quality over the 8 games.

Number of Virtual Console games released in February: 8
Total number of Virtual Console games released so far: 205

Number of Wii Channels released in February: 0
Total number of Wii Channels released so far: 5

NES game
500 point games: 2
Most blocks: Operation Wolf, Ninja Gaiden III (21 blocks, 1 save block)

TG16 game
600 point game: Psychosis
Most blocks: Psychosis (23 blocks, 4 save blocks)

TCD game
800 point game: Lords of Thunder
Most blocks: Lords of Thunder (214 blocks, 5 save blocks)

Genesis game
800 point game: Phantasy Star II
Most blocks: Phantasy Star II (32 blocks, 3 save blocks)

SNES game
800 point game: Harvest Moon
Most blocks: Harvest Moon (45 blocks, 4 save blocks)

N64 game
1000 point game: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Most blocks: Kirby 64 (153 blocks, 1 save block)

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